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New Versa lineup Pricing for 2021

GSky is pleased to announce new pricing for its Versa Wall and Versa Wall XT trays for 2021. It has been 10 years since we introduced the Versa Wallâ lineup and our volumes have grown every year.

Given our history with our suppliers and the steadily rising volumes, we negotiated significantly better pricing going forward, even with the general rising prices we have seen recently.

We plan to pass these tray savings directly on to our Authorized Dealer network.

Starting this February, you can expect to see a 5% to 10% overall price decrease on most new system quotations. The range varies due to the different requirements for each job.

The Versa Wall and Versa Wall XT have become industry standards for green walls for interior and exterior use. They are easy to install and maintain, durable, and come with support from the GSky Team. Additionally, we continue to improve the products as you will experience with the new 8 pot tray for the Versa Wallâ which has been redesigned to be more durable and to have “snap on fittings” for easier installation.

More information can be obtained by visiting with our sales team, or better yet, by selling a new wall system. GOOD SELLING and STAY SAFE! Thank you for your support of GSky. Together we will Green the World.

SNEAK PEAK: Very soon, we will be announcing and rolling out a new Mobile Unit to address space and office issues of the future (social distancing, biophilia, open plan and reconfiguring options). Stay tuned! This will use the Versa Wall system you’ve come to know and will be a high quality, durable product on lockable/adjustable wheels.

2021 Autorized Dealer Pricing Letter
Download PD • 124KB

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