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We are excited to announce our new and improved eight pot tray!

We improved our eight pot tray to make it even easier to install and prevent the occasional breakage during shipment and/or storage. Here are some of the key improvements we made.

  1. The corner design was modified and ribs were added to minimize tray damage during shipment and/or storage

  2. Snap-on fittings were developed for the overflow tubes for easier and quicker installation

  3. The added ribs also improve the stability of the tray (less warping or twisting);

  4. Finally, thicker stacking tabs were added for easier stacking to speed up installation

The overall dimensions of the trays are the same as the current Versa Wall® trays and can be installed together with the current 8-3-2 and corner trays. No changes were made yet to the lesser used three-pot and two-pot trays.

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