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2021 Pre-made and Kit-wall pricing

GSky is pleased to announce new pricing for its line of Designer Series Products,

including the Accent Frames, E-Z Kit Wall and the Smart Wall .

From February 2021 on we will price these products without shipping, giving you

and option to arrange your own shipping from our warehouse or using our

regional shipping rates shipped by GSky. Pricing is as follows:

Accent Frame $299.00 per frame

E-Z Kit Wall $549.00 per kit

Smart Wall $999.00 per unit

These products all use our Versa Wall tray technology and are easy to install and

maintain. The Accent Frames can be hung horizontally or vertically and are easy

to hand water. The E-Z Kit Walls can be used alone or combined to provide a less

expensive alternative to a custom green wall and can be hand watered.

The Smart Wall is an automated system which stands on the floor needing only a

plug outlet.

2021 Pre-made and Wall-kit prices
Download PDF • 749KB

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